Start an Appraisal
From Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

Spend time doing a guided walkthrough of a home and you could save weeks on the Appraisal Process. Developed by appraisers for the appraisal industry.

What is OMMA?

Oscar Mike Mobile Appraisals, or OMMA, is a secure platform that enables real estate professionals, homeowners, and other end-users to capture information, images, and square footage of their property. It’s then easily delivered in a custom report that can be integrated into an appraiser’s form filling software to a real estate appraiser so that they can perform an accurate market value appraisal report.



Our web-based application allows you to start an appraisal if you have Internet connection.

Square Footage

By partnering with Cubicasa you can scan your home to get the required Sq. Ft. area.


Step-by-step instructions and photo reference make the process simple!

Form Integration

Our custom form can be downloaded in a format that can be uploaded into an appraiser’s form filling software with relevant fields populated.

Created by Appraisers

Oscar Mike Valuation Company, LLC is owned and operated by a former United States Marine and a team of experienced appraisers that have performed thousands of real estate appraisals, from investor portfolios, to high-end luxury properties, to unique structures and tracts of land.

Why We Built This

This program was created by a certified residential appraiser, in response to a global pandemic to provide appraisers with accurate and credible information in a timely manner, so that they can provide an accurate and credible appraisal report to lenders, AMC’s, homeowners, and other end users.

Lenders / AMC's

OMMA was built with Lenders and AMCs in mind. This truly non-discriminatory platform can give you a more efficient appraisal process, as well as:

  • Significantly Decrease Your Turn Times
  • Significantly Lower Cost
  • More Accurate Appraisals
  • Lower Appraisal Revision Rate
  • Use your Existing Panel
  • Secure Process
  • COVID – Proof


OMMA was built by Appraisers who figured out a way to make the Appraisal process more efficient by having the Homeowner or Real Estate Professional do an accuarate walktrhough of the dwelling.

  • Earn Another Revenue Stream
  • Diversify Your Practice
  • Be More Independent
  • Make Your Practice More Efficient
  • Work Remotely

How it Works.

Step 1

Capture Information

The homeowner, real estate agent, or other data collector walks through the software on their mobile divide or home computer, taking or uploading pictures and answering questions about the property.

Step 2


The floorplan is scanned by the homeowner, real estate agent or other data collector and is submitted through the OMMA process for analysis.

Step 3


A custom report is generated with all of the answers and the floorplan is delivered to the appraiser through the OMMA process.  The report and floorplan can be uploaded into their form filling software to create an accurate appraisal report.

Step 4


The appraisal is delivered through the OMMA process to the end user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lenders and AMC’s:

There are actually a few ways in which OMMA will decrease your turn times:
  1. It is widely known that there is a massive shortage of working appraisers.  A Lender or an AMC can send the link to have the data collector start the inspection process, while they assign an appraiser, instead of waiting to assign an appraiser and then waiting for the inspection process to take place.
  2. The inspection technically does not have to be scheduled.  A time consuming process is going back and forth from the appraiser to the homeowner to try to schedule the inspection that is convenient for both the homeowner and the appraiser.
  3. Sometimes during the scheduling process the appraiser finds that the contact information might not be correct and they have to go back to the lender for correct contact information.  This can be another time consuming process.
  4. If a Lender or AMC has a downloadable copy of the report generated by the data collector and OMMA in their hand ready to go, an appraiser is more likely to accept, given that he or she realizes the time commitment is massively reduced.

Due to the time savings of OMMA, appraisers should be willing to earn a smaller fee, given that they do not have to schedule, travel, inspect, and transfer data for this appraisal process. However, given the massive time savings to the appraiser, their fee per hour does increase, so they are still happy. To put it into perspective, if OMMA can save a Lender or AMC $100 per appraisal, and the Lender or AMC requires 500 appraisals a month, that amounts to a $600,000 savings to the Lender or AMC for a service that provides an efficient and more accurate system.

When performing exterior or desktop appraisals, appraisers are limited to the data that they can gather from former MLS listings, Courthouse Records Systems, Tax Records, Google, etc. Unfortunately, much of this information can be significantly dated and irrelevant. For instance, homeowners can remodel kitchens or add additions to their homes which would not be present in the data acquired. OMMA provides data to appraisers within minutes as opposed to months or, more realistically, years. End Users have the ability to capture and discuss any relevant changes to the properties and provide this information directly to the appraiser so that the appraiser has more reliable, relevant, and credible data to form a more accurate opinion of value. In regards to square footage, I have found in my territory, the square footage in tax records as well as the courthouse records are inaccurate. In fact, in one county it always seems that measurements are at least 400 sf off. In another county, a fire in the courthouse destroyed all records prior to 1997. Realtors seem to have a hard time with finished and unfinished square footage which leads to incorrect information in MLS. By partnering with CubiCasa, OMMA provides accurate floor plans with correct GLA, finished and unfinished square footage, and above and below grade square footage at the time of the end user’s inspection. CubiCasa’s process is approved by Fannie Mae and is in the final stages of approval from Freddie Mac.
The easy answer to this is that appraisers do not have to translate much of the data from paper to software. Mistakes can be made in translation. I know three year olds with better handwriting than me and on more than one occasion I have a hard time deciphering my hieroglyphics when I get back to my office. Subject information, pictures, sketch, etc. will be provided in the downloadable file that will populate in their appraisal software so there is less room for error.

OMMA is a data collecting platform that a Lender or AMC can use in conjunction with their own panel. OMMA does not require the use of any particular appraisers.

The OMMA application is web-based application and can be accessed from any internet enabled browser. We use SHA-256 encryption to transfer data from the user to our platform and collect user location data through the geo-location services enabled on the user’s device. All data is encrypted at rest and only stored for a short amount of time after the appraisal is complete. 

It’s about as social distancing as you can get considering the appraiser and end user don’t have to leave their own properties.

Using a process such as OMMA’s helps mitigate the risk of a discrimination claim as the appraiser does not have to meet nor talk to the homeowner, realtor, or other end user.


Because this product is offered directly to appraisers, there are many ways you can increase the number of revenue streams and diversify your practice to mitigate any lender risk:

  1. Market this process to realtors and provide them with more accurate and more efficient pre-listing appraisals as well as marketing materials.
  2. Market using OMMA to local attorneys to provide accurate appraisals for divorces, estate sales, liquidation sales, bankruptcy valuation, etc.
  3. Market the process to local mortgage brokers and lenders to pre-value refinances. 
  4. Market OMMA to commercial lenders to value residential properties as collateral.
  5. Contact local builders and contractors to use OMMA for pre-construction work, pre-remodel work, post-construction work, and post remodel work.
  6. Talk to insurance companies to use OMMA for pre- and post-damage appraisals and disaster work.
  7. Contact your local tax assessor’s office and discuss the process with them, in the hopes of providing them with more accurate information and valuations. (This alone could give your practice work for decades.)
  8.  Work with accountants in valuing residential property for asset evaluations.

The skys the limit for diversifying your practice, my friends.  OMMA can help you come up with a game plan as well as provide some marketing files that you can use for direct mailers, email campaigns, etc.

By being able to diversify your practice and adding more revenue streams, your practice can now choose who you want to work for. Some appraisal practices want to move on from AMC and Lender assignments and work on more private assignments. OMMA allows you to do this by providing a marketable platform to entice more private work. You can use OMMA to pick and choose who you want to work with which, in turn, allows you to be more independent.

Just imagine, not having to play detective and figure out the proper contact information for your assignment. Imagine not having to schedule around the homeowners schedule. Imagine not having appointments in which the homeowner is not present or a key is not in the lockbox. Imagine having much of your subject’s information being pre-populated in your form filling software. Think about the days and in some cases weeks this saves by using OMMA. As for profitable, if you take the amount of hours that the full appraisal process takes and extract the time savings of not having to schedule, not having to travel, not having to inspect, and not having to transfer data, and determine your per hour fee, your per hour fee increases dramatically by using OMMA.
You never have to go to a house. All of your data will be supplied by the homeowner, realtor, or other end user in the form of a downloadable report, in which you can upload to your form filling software. You then verify the information, determine a quality and condition, input the comps, determine a reconciled market value and submit. Done and done. Move to Key West and work out of your yacht. Head to Colorado and work remotely from the summit of Pike’s Peak. Travel to San Sebastian, Spain and work out of each one of the 11 Michelin-Starred restaurants. Stay in Vegas and work from the pool at the Golden Nugget. The world is your office.

Who can use OMMA?

  • Appraisers
  • Lenders
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Realtors
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Accountants
  • Tax Assessors
  • Homeowners